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Is your drain not flowing, smelly or slow? These are all symptoms of a blocked drain. A blocked drain can seem more like a nuisance than a serious problem in need of prompt repairs – especially in a busy day to day – but truth is, an untended to blocked drain can lead to extensive water damage over time.

Call PlumberMan for a fast reliable and effective service, to nip trouble in the bud. We travel from Sunshine to Yarraville, Footscray to Maribyrnong and beyond! Blocked drains will only get worse over time and can cause more damage if ignored.

State-of-the-art blocked drains repairs

Most of the time, blocked drains are caused by tree roots blocking old drains. At PlumberMan we carry the top drain clearing equipment and machinery that clears roots inside the drain, ensuring free flowing pipes.

There are many solutions to keep old drains well maintained and flowing and PlumberMan will ensure that the best techniques are used to get your drain cleared quickly and with minimal fuss. 

Do you have a blocked drain?? 

  • Smelly drain

  • Slow running drain

  • Sewer overflowing from outside

  • Toilet slow draining

  • Gurgling noise from the drain

The drainage plumbers servicing Melbourne

We’re a team of plumbers passionate about helping residents and businesses across Melbourne with all their plumbing needs from blocked drains that need cleaning to hot water repairs, drainage and more. We travel across the suburbs from Maribyrnong, Sunshine, Yarraville, Footscray and don’t mind travelling further afield if you need us to help you unblock your drain without costing you a fortune.

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