Don’t Let A Blocked Toilet Ruin Your Day – Call Your Melbourne Plumbers!

Few things are more dread inducing than a toilet that doesn’t flush or gets blocked at the most inopportune time. If you’ve got more toilets than one it’s an inconvenience, but if you’ve only got the one – well, you’re in trouble. If home remedies such as plungers and clearing solutions proves futile, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert plumbers in Melbourne, servicing suburbs far and wide including Yarraville, Footscray, Sunshine and Maribyrnong. No hidden fees, fixed prices, satisfaction guaranteed. PlumberMan can be reached on 0406 171 986, we’re happy to help!

Causes of a blocked toilet

There are many reasons why a toilet can become blocked. Perhaps someone has flushed non-flushable materials such as wet wipes and sanitary products, or the pipes are simply too narrow to pass whatever needs to move through them. Sometimes what seems like a simple case of a blocked toilet can prove to be a more problematic and serious blocked drain further down the pipeline. No matter the blockage, PlumberMan is always ready to travel out to homes and businesses across Melbourne, with the knowhow and tools to help find the solution to your problem.

Providing a range of services

We know how important having a reliable, trustworthy plumber on hand is, which is why we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the affordability of our prices and the range of our services. Whether you need help with installations, hot water repairs, blocked drains or toilets, we’re your go to team. We don’t want to just be your once-off plumbers – we want to be your plumbers for life. That’s why, with us you can rest assured that you’ll suffer no hidden fees or delayed services. We’ll arrive at your door on-time, finish the work as quickly as possible, all on-budget. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll come back and fix it, free of charge. Call us today on 0406 171 986 for a free quote.

Let us unblock your toilet today

Let the plumbers at PlumberMan help you get your porcelain throne back into working order. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to locate the problem and solve it with minimum time wasted, and mess made. From Sunshine, Maribyrnong, Yarraville, Footscray and beyond, we unblock toilets easy as that.